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=== Amihanang Amerika ===
*[[Canada]] - [[Eastern Time Zone]]
**[[Nunavut]] (eastern), mostkadaghanan ofsa [[Ontario]] and most ofug [[Quebec]]
*United States - [[Eastern Time Zone]]
**All of [[Connecticut]], [[Delaware]], [[District of Columbia]], [[Georgia (U.S. state)|Georgia]], [[Maine]], [[Maryland]], [[Massachusetts]], [[New Hampshire]], [[New Jersey]], [[New York (state)|New York]], [[North Carolina]], [[Ohio]], [[Pennsylvania]], [[Rhode Island]], [[South Carolina]], [[Vermont]], [[Virginia]], [[West Virginia]]
**MostKadaghanan ofsa [[Florida]], [[Indiana]], [[Michigan]]
**EasternSidlakan parts ofsa [[Kentucky]], [[Tennessee]]
** ''Unofficial use'' in several communities in [[Russell County, Alabama]], including [[Phenix City, Alabama|Phenix City]]. Although the legal time for all of Alabama from the last weeks of the northern winter to mid-autumn is Central Daylight Time (UTC–5), Phenix City and its surrounding communities informally synchronize their clocks with the considerably larger city of [[Columbus, Georgia]], directly across the [[Chattahoochee River]] from Phenix City.