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[[File:Timezones2008 UTC-5.png|thumb|300px|UTC−05: Blue (January), Orange (July), Yellow (bug-os nga tuig), Light Blue - Sea areas]]
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'''UTC−05:00''' is a [[UTC offset|time offset]] that subtracts five hours from [[Coordinated Universal Time]] (UTC).
'''UTC−05:00''' mao ang usa ka [[UTC offset|panahon offset]] nga midugang −05. Kini nga panahon nga gigamit sa:
In North America, it is observed in the [[Eastern Time Zone]] during [[standard time]], and in the [[Central Time Zone]] during the other eight months (see [[Daylight saving time]]). The western Caribbean uses it year round.
==Ingon sa sumbanan nga panahon (sa amihanan nga bahin sa kalibutan sa tingtugnaw)==
**[[Nunavut]] (eastern), most of [[Ontario]] and most of [[Quebec]]
*[[United States]] – [[Eastern Time Zone]]
**All of [[Connecticut]], [[Delaware]], [[District of Columbia]], [[Georgia (U.S. state)|Georgia]], [[Maine]], [[Maryland]], [[Massachusetts]], [[New Hampshire]], [[New Jersey]], [[New York (state)|New York]], [[North Carolina]], [[Ohio]], [[Pennsylvania]], [[Rhode Island]], [[South Carolina]], [[Vermont]], [[Virginia]], and [[West Virginia]]
**MostKadaghanan sa of [[Florida]], [[Indiana]], and [[Michigan]]
**EasternSidlakan parts ofsa [[Kentucky]] and [[Tennessee]]
**Unofficial use in several communities in [[Russell County, Alabama]], including [[Phenix City, Alabama|Phenix City]]. Although the legal time for all of Alabama during the standard time period is Central Time (UTC–6), Phenix City and its surrounding communities informally synchronize their clocks with the considerably larger city of [[Columbus, Georgia]], directly across the [[Chattahoochee River]] from Phenix City.
**Central and eastern areas (most of country except Quintana Roo). In most of Mexico, daylight time starts a few weeks after the United States. Communities on the U.S. border that observe Central Time follow the U.S. daylight time schedule.
==Standard timenga allpanahon yeartibuok roundtuig==
=== Amihanang Amerika ===