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walay mubong sugid sa pag-usab
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==Tan-awa usab==
*[[Alliance française]]
*[[:en:Template:French language]]
*[[:en:French grammar]]
**[[:en:French adverbs]]
**[[:en:French articles and determiners]]
**[[:en:French pronouns]]
***[[:en:French personal pronouns]]
**[[:en:French verbs]]
***[[:en:French verb conjugation]]
***[[:en:French verb morphology]]
*[[:en:French orthography]]
**[[:en:French alphabet]]
**[[:en:Reforms of French orthography]]
*[[:en:French phonology]]
**[[:en:Wikipedia:IPA for French|International Phonetic Alphabet for French]]
*[[wiktionary:en:Category:French language]]