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== Trachóni ==
Hello. I am sorry for writing in English but I don't speak your language.
*[[Trachóni (lungsod)]]. If I am not wrong, the article is about the village in [[Eparchía Lefkosías]] (north Cyprus). But, the Wikidata item [[:d:Q7831340]] is about the village in [[Eparchía Lemesoú]]. Can anyone check to see if I am correct? (Althougt some informations in the article, like population, are for the village in Eparchía Lemesoú). The item for the village in Eparchía Lefkosías is [[:d:Q7831343]].
In [[Trachóni]] I have noticed that are listed two villages for Eparchía Lefkosías with the name Trachóni. But they are the same village.
I have tried to find Trachoni of Eparchía Lemesoú but I guess there are no article in ceb.wikipedia.
And you also have a page with the name [[Τραχώνι]]. Confusing.
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