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Hello. I am sorry for writing in English but I don't speak your language.
*[[Trachóni (lungsod)]]. If I am not wrong, the article is about the village in [[Eparchía Lefkosías]] (north Cyprus). But, the Wikidata item [[:d:Q7831340]] is about the village in [[Eparchía Lemesoú]]. Can anyone check to see if I am correct? (AlthougtAlthough some informations in the article, like population, are for the village in Eparchía Lemesoú). The item for the village in Eparchía Lefkosías is [[:d:Q7831343]].
In [[Trachóni]] I have noticed that are listed two villages for Eparchía Lefkosías with the name Trachóni. But they are the same village. You have to replace the red one with the village in Eparchía Lemesoú. I have tried to find Trachoni of Eparchía Lemesoú but I guess there are no article in ceb.wikipedia.