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| name = ''Moringua raitaborua''
| status =
| image = Moringua raitaborua Achilles 170.jpg
| image_caption = Moringua raitaborua
| domain =
| regnum = [[Animalia]]
| phylum = [[Chordata]]
| classis = [[Isdangtunay (mananap)|Actinopterygii]]
| ordo = [[Anguilliformes]]
| familia = [[Moringuidae]]
| subphylum = [[Vertebrata]]
| superclassis = [[Osteichthyes]]
| synonyms = ''Moringua semperviridens'' <small>McCann, 1967</small><br>''Moringua latebrosa'' <small>[[Schultz (awtor)|Schultz]], 1953</small><br>''Moringua wui'' <small>[[Fang (awtor)|Fang]], 1942</small><br>''Moringua amphomelaena'' <small>[[Fowler (awtor)|Fowler]], 1938</small><br>''Moringua oculata'' <small>[[Fowler (awtor)|Fowler]], 1934</small><br>''Moringua robusta'' <small>[[Herre (awtor)|Herre]], 1923</small><br>''Moringua floresiana'' <small>[[Weber (awtor)|Weber]] & de Beaufort, 1916</small><br>''Moringua lumbriciformis'' <small>[[Johann Jakob Kaup|Kaup]], 1856</small><br>''Moringua lumbricoidea'' <small>[[Richardson (awtor)|Richardson]], 1845</small><br>''Moringua medius'' <small>McClelland, 1844</small><br>''Moringua brevis'' <small>McClelland, 1844</small><br>''Moringua gracilis'' <small>McClelland, 1844</small><br>''Moringua parvidentatus'' <small>McClelland, 1844</small><br>''Moringua multidentatus'' <small>McClelland, 1844</small><br>''Moringua erythreus'' <small>McClelland, 1844</small><br>''Moringua maculatus'' <small>[[William Swainson|Swainson]], 1839</small><br>''Moringua hardwickii'' <small>[[Gray (awtor)|Gray]], 1831</small><br>''Moringua linearis'' <small>[[Gray (awtor)|Gray]], 1831</small><br>''Moringua hamiltonii'' <small>[[Gray (awtor)|Gray]], 1831</small><br>''Moringua rataboura'' <small>([[Hamilton (awtor)|Hamilton]], 1822)</small> }}
| synonyms = ''Moringua rataboura'' <small>([[Hamilton (awtor)|Hamilton]], 1822)</small><ref name = "col481042"/><br>''Muraena raitaborua'' <small>[[Hamilton (awtor)|Hamilton]], 1822</small><ref name = "col481042"/>
EspesyeKaliwatan sa [[isdakasili]] ngaang una'''''Moringua ngaraitaborua'''''<ref name = "COL"/>. Una ning gihulagway ni [[Hamilton (awtor)|Hamilton]] ni adtong 1822 ang '''''Moringua raitaborua'''''.<ref name = "col481042col42900884"/>. Ang ''Moringua raitaborua'' sakop sa [[kahenera]] nga ''[[Moringua]]'', saug [[pamilya (biyolohiya)|kabanay]] nga [[Moringuidae]].<ref name = "COL"/><ref name = "source"/> PagkaWalay karonnalista walanga pay siakmatang nga nalista ubossama niini niya.<ref name = "COL"/>
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Espesye sa [[isda]] nga una nga gihulagway ni [[Hamilton (awtor)|Hamilton]] ni adtong 1822 ang '''''Moringua raitaborua'''''<ref name = "col481042"/>. Ang ''Moringua raitaborua'' sakop sa [[kahenera]] nga ''[[Moringua]]'' sa [[pamilya (biyolohiya)|kabanay]] nga [[Moringuidae]].<ref name = "COL"/><ref name = "source"/> Pagka karon wala pay siak nga nalista ubos niini niya.<ref name = "COL"/>
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