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Hello Jordz. How are you. We need a local admin's help with a problem with ceb.wiki's common.js page. It seems that a hidden comment was added with [https://ceb.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=MediaWiki:Common.js&diff=229178 this edit]. This comment is stopping VisualEditor from workin - it may be affecting other extensions too. Would you be able to remove the syntax added with that edit? The developers say that should fix things. Best regards, [[Gumagamit:PEarley (WMF)|PEarley (WMF)]] ([[Hisgot sa Gumagamit:PEarley (WMF)|talk]]) 18:29, 29 Enero 2014 (UTC)
:Jordz, we have fixed this. Sorry to bother you, and happy editing, [[Gumagamit:PEarley (WMF)|PEarley (WMF)]] ([[Hisgot sa Gumagamit:PEarley (WMF)|talk]]) 04:58, 30 Enero 2014 (UTC)
== [[m:Steward_requests/Username_changes#Moscowconnection@cebwiki]] ==
We have a user who wishes for an account rename. If you are active, would you please do the rename. If you are not active, or not wishig to be the bureaucrat role, please consider let stewards know at [[m:SRP]] Thanks. [[Gumagamit:Billinghurst|Billinghurst]] ([[Hisgot sa Gumagamit:Billinghurst|talk]]) 04:47, 1 Pebrero 2014 (UTC) (steward)