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== Help needed from bureaucrat or sysop ==
Hi! I'm preparing for a new bot project on cebwp, as I announced on [[Wikipedia:Tubaan]] some time ago. In order to facilitate that project and produce quality articles, I need to get some test runs deleted. I would like to have your help with this in either of two ways:
* I nominated myself as sysop on cebwp two years ago on [[Wikipedia:Mga hangyo nga mahimong tigdumala]]. So far my nomination has got one supporting vote and no dissent. If you feel comfortable with that, you could grant me sysop rights, and then I can handle all the deletions needed myself, now and in the future. In any case, I think cebwp could benefit from one more experienced sysop.
* Alternatively, if you do not think sysop status is appropriate, could you do a mass deletion of the test runs that Lsjbot did in April-June 2015, about 2000 articles total? The oldest article to be deleted is this one: [[Gumagamit:Lsjbot/geotest/Sant Martí (pagklaro)]], and then everything Lsjbot has created since then. But please ''don't'' delete the templates that Lsjbot imported in 2014.
Best regards