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:Please consider [[m:Steward_requests/Permissions#Lsj.40cebwikipedia]] to avoid being proposed to be removed from bureaucrat flag.--[[Gumagamit:Jusjih|Jusjih]] ([[Hisgot sa Gumagamit:Jusjih|talk]]) 01:23, 19 Agosto 2015 (UTC)
::The request at [[m:Steward_requests/Permissions#Lsj.40cebwikipedia]] gave me a temporary admin flag. Problem solved for now. [[Gumagamit:Lsj|Lsj]] ([[Hisgot sa Gumagamit:Lsj|talk]]) 05:21, 24 Agosto 2015 (UTC)
The temporay admin flag has now expired. Would you consider granting me permanent flag? [[Gumagamit:Lsj|Lsj]] ([[Hisgot sa Gumagamit:Lsj|talk]]) 09:57, 22 Nobiyembre 2015 (UTC)
== Request for adminship ==