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walay mubong sugid sa pag-usab
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dear madam
Ang '''''An English–Cebuano Visayan Dictionary''''' usa ka diksyonaryong [[Ininggles]]–[[Sinugboanon]] nga gisulat ni Rodolfo Cabonce, usa ka [[Heswita]]ng pari gikan sa [[Cabadbaran]]. Una kining gimantala niadtong 1983.
her is to endorse the application of mpk, of mandaue city cebu philippines who would like to apply to your company of any position. she is a graduate of bachelor of science in business administration major in management at one of the university here in cebu city philippines.
she has no criminal records filed against her at any court nor has been charges with any violation involving violence and other immoralities. i personally know her as an honest and diligent person, thus i can vouch for her integrity, ability and competence.
anticipating for your favorable action on this recommendation.
Adunay laing gisulat nga diksyonaryo si Cabonce, usa ka Sinugboanon-Ininggles, nga unang gimantala niadtong 1955.<ref>Cabonce, Rodolfo. 2007. ''English-Cebuano Visayan dictionary, An.'' Cacho Hermanos: [[Mandaluyong]].</ref>
very truly yours
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