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28 ang barangay sa Mahaplag.
==ImpormasyonMga Sumpay sa Gawas==
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The town of Mahaplag, Leyte was granted independence in the year 1958 as petitioned by its early leaders. It was once a part of the adjacent municipality of Abuyog. Through the efforts of AGAPITO GILLES RETANA SR. the eldest son of FLAVIANO ORTEGA RETANA - known as one of the first settlers of Mahaplag. It was AGAPITO GILLES RETANA who drafted the petition which was eventually approved under Executive Order No. 308 by Danieling Romualdez.
The simplicity and wit of "Mano Pitong", as he is fondly called, is not hidden from the eyes of his fellow townmates. He married a school teacher from Dulag, Leyte - LEONILA RAAGAS AUGUSTO, who by her influence and connections in the regional offices contributed to this endeavor.
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