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:::Sorry, I forgot to add in the requested username I wanted to usurp to. Can you help me usurp [[User:Terence Ong]] to [[User:Terence]] as I want to create a SUL account? [[Gumagamit:Terence Ong|Terence Ong]] 15:12, 24 Agosto 2010 (UTC)
::::My home wiki is [[:en:User:Terence]]. Please do it asap. Thanks. [[Gumagamit:Terence Ong|Terence Ong]] 08:51, 1 Septiyembre 2010 (UTC)
:::::Hi, I think your request is beyond my capacity. User:Terence already exists here, as such I cannot rename User:Terence Ong to User:Terence. [[Gumagamit:Jordz|Jordz]] 05:38, 2 Septiyembre 2010 (UTC)