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Hi Jordz, I have seen, that you are a bureaucrat on this wiki. The account [[User:Rauenstein]] is blocked till infinity, because someone impersonate this account in February 2009. Now the german user (about 70.000 edits in german wiki and 35.000 at commons) needs to edit here, but he can't because of that. Would you rename this local account, so that Rauenstein can merge it into his own? Thanks a lot. If you can speak german, you can read his request [http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:AAF#Gesperrt.3F here]--[[Gumagamit:Ticketautomat|Ticketautomat]] 18:56, 19 Hunyo 2011 (UTC)
:I've answered on my [http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benutzer_Diskussion:Ticketautomat#User:Rauenstein_.40cebwiki userpage]. Regards--[[Gumagamit:Ticketautomat|Ticketautomat]] 08:40, 24 Hunyo 2011 (UTC)