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Hi Jordz. I have a question and I hope you can help me. I'm Dutch and can't speak Cebuano (see [[:m:User:Trijnstel|my user page on Meta]]). Hopefully you'll understand my question in English. I noticed ceb.wikipedia has only two bureaucrats ([[Espesyal:ListUsers/bureaucrat|list]]). One of them is [[User:Bentong Isles|Bentong Isles]]. This user isn't active anymore since 2008. I wondered: is there a local policy about inactive administrators/bureaucrats? And what do you think about removal of the sysop and bureaucrat flags of him? The "problem" is that on Meta stewards can't rename accounts when there are active bureaucrats. It's a shame when there are two bureaucrats, but one isn't active. I'll hope to hear from you soon. (And if you can't help me, point me to another user who can please). Kind regards, [[Gumagamit:Trijnstel|Trijnstel]] 09:41, 30 Hunyo 2011 (UTC)
:I've asked this earlier to Pare Mo, see [http://ceb.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Hisgot_sa_Gumagamit:Pare_Mo&diff=prev&oldid=965826 here]. [[Gumagamit:Trijnstel|Trijnstel]] 09:41, 30 Hunyo 2011 (UTC)
::Hi Trinjnstel, sorry for the late reply. As for our local policy there is no specific mention on inactive bureaucrats aside from a section on abuse of power/authority ( [[Wikipedia:Tigdumala#Pag-abuso_sa_usa_ka_tigdumala]]). However, I believe that the act of stripping admin rights to a bureaucrat, and a founder at that, ''is somewhat frowned by our local community''. This however won't exempt our project from the mainline policies implemented in Meta for all localized Wikipedia projects. [[Gumagamit:Jordz|Jordz]] 05:38, 20 Hulyo 2011 (UTC)