Kini sila nga matang makit an ni ining mga lugara Usba

Kini sila nga mga matang makit an sa "Western Pacific: off Japan, Taiwan and Australia. Collected from southeastern Japan (Okinawa trough, Tosa Bay, and Kyushu–Palau Ridge) at depth range 261–600 m. In Taiwanese waters this species is usually captured together with Lophiodes mutilus at depths of about 280–310 m, and some may range deeper. Specimens were collected from the Tasman Sea of southeastern Australia at depths of 300–750 m, and a series of photographs were taken of a specimen at a depth of 288 m at Greenwell Point, New South Wales, Australia, by an underwater vehicle (K. Aitken, personal communication, 20 March 2005). Two specimens were collected from the northwest shelf off Australia at depths of 492–520 m (Ref. 79601).". Palihug pag tabang sa pag hubad o pag hatag og katin awan dinhi niining sinulat: <ref name = "COL"/>[1] Lsjbot (talk) 18:16, 26 Marso 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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