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Thank youUsba

Thank you for the translation :-) Ev 01:25, 20 Disyembre 2006 (UTC)

Akong mga tampoUsba

Hello! Duna na ko'y mga tampo ha? Pasensya sa nga mga listahan sa na kay wa pa'y panahon mag hubad sa bisaya...Naay mga locator maps apil sa Listahan sa dakbayan ug mga lungsod sa Bohol basin ma butang sa kada lungsod...Sige, bilin lang ug mensahe sa English Wiki kung dinali-an. Maayong Pasko ug bulahang bag - ong tuig! --Pinay06 00:07, 22 Disyembre 2006 (UTC)

Season's greetingsUsba

Merry Christmas in different languages!!! This is the real meaning of Christmas.and this... I hope you enjoy The Wonder of it all and this interview!--Pinay06 04:25, 23 Disyembre 2006 (UTC)

hey broUsba

hey bro, i want to help populate the bisayan pages of wikipedia. i myself am fascinated with my native dialect. we have words and expressions that many languages don't have counterparts. hehe. add me at YM: andrei_martin

drei http://manofmars.blog-city.com

Inability to upload pagesUsba

Hey Bentong Isles, thank you for your message. I don't know what could be causing your upload problems, but I would try upgrading your version of pywikipedia; instructions are available at m:pywikipedia. Recently, I had a similar problem with my pywikipedia bots (although edit conflicts were not part of the problem). Maybe something in MediaWiki changed that left your old version of pywikipedia incompatible? Hope this helps, Tangotango 11:19, 21 Enero 2007 (UTC)

Hidden articles about Nazi germany in Longest pagesUsba

I browsed randomly some wikis and found articles in english language about Nazi germany and any lunar crater in Longest pages her in this wikipedia. I think there's no place for it so if you are an admin please remove it, if not, contact someone who is. Thank you. User from sk:wiki.

Thank you for reminding me. :) I actually noticed those pages from my local copy of this wiki, but I just postponed and postponed the job until you jog my memory. --Bentong Isles 12:32, 26 Enero 2007 (UTC)

Mula kay LagalagUsba

Daghang salamat! :-) —Lagalag 17:12, 5 Pebrero 2007 (UTC)

Mga hulagway sa locatormapUsba

Bay Bentong,

Gisulat ko ra didto sa hulagway ang Sinugboanong description sa mga locatormap, walay file og mga locatormap nga gi-upload nako. Ang akong pagsulat sa panid sa hulagway og description sa locatormap gitalaan sa "Mga bag-ong giusab" nga panid nga morag file nga gi-upload. --Harvzs 18:36, 8 Pebrero 2007 (UTC)

Paring Bol-anonUsba

Mao kana ang ngalan nga ang tanang pari sa Bohol nailhan..."fraternity of priests" from Bohol man ilang tawag - di formal tingale nga na rehistro sa SEC, pero mao ilang logo tanan2. ako i revert? o i move...ikaw na lang be...salamat! --Pinay06 22:47, 15 Pebrero 2007 (UTC)


Bay, perting busyha... nag tabang man sad gud ko ug implement ug wiki sa company akong gitrabahoan... question lang bai... unsaon man pag modify sa mga text sa wikipedia... e.g., ang edit warning, etc.. --Nino Gonzales 10:35, 18 Pebrero 2007 (UTC) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Nino_Gonzales)

French municipalitiesUsba

Hi, sorry for my cebuano ! I noticed a mistake on the french municipalities pages you created. It's about the population. The result you have is {{{sans}}}. "sans" means "without" (because the population is counted without soldiers, students etc. The line the bot used is this one "sans=2 535" for Arques-la-Bataille. So, your bot should look back at the french municipalities and take the number written after "sans=" as the right figure of population. You can contact me on [1] (my french page) or at [2] (my english page).

Thanks for your messageUsba

Hi, thank you for your message on nl.wp. Not to be whining or anything, but you have very few active interwiki bots on this wiki (three as far as I can see form the recent edits with registered bots). Also, interwiki checking works best with as many wikis as possible configured for one bot operator, as this makes the best use of th traffic generated by the bot. I would like to formally request a bot bit. Could you please point me to the correct location for requesting this from the community? Until I have gained clarity on the issue, I will cease to make interwiki edits that are automatic. Manually assisted bot edits to interwiki sections may occur (<10/day). Thank you for your help. Kind regards, Siebrand 06:55, 10 Abril 2007 (UTC)

Hi, I have repeated my request for a bot bit in the village pump as unfortunately no one responded. My request at meta was denied because the steward processing it apparently read that ceb.wp had stopped accepting interwiki bots. I am howevery still trying to get clarity on the hows and whats of this (unofficial?) policy. Thanks for your reply, preferably in the pub. Cheers! Siebrand 11:06, 29 Abril 2007 (UTC)
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