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It is against my personality, but I am forced to request your support for my bid to become an admin here at ceb-wp. I have invested so much time and effort on this project and all I want in return is just the capability to translate the interface into Cebuano. If you think that I am qualified to become an admin here, please add your support at Wikipedya:Tigdumala/Bentong Isles. Thanks.

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Batok man sa personal kong kabubut-on, apan ako naghangyo kanimo nga mosuporta sa akong hangyo nga mahimong adminstrador dinhi ning atong Wikipedya. Kon misuporta ka sa akoa, palihog pagpuno sa imong boto sa Wikipedya/Tigdumala/Bentong Isles. Salamat.

--Bentong Isles 08:16, 22 October 2005 (UTC)

Unfortunately, I'm inauguration to Japanese language edition Wikipedia's administrator. Thus, I had no time for support other language. Sorry that I can't help you, it is very very sadly. Regards,--Diagraph01 13:24, 25 Mayo 2006 (UTC)