Question about your local policyUsba

Hello, Trijnstel. I think Jordz could better address your concern; he's more acquainted with our policies than I am, as he's been around [almost] from the inception of this Wikipedia. Regards. --Pare Mo 00:47, 23 Hunyo 2011 (UTC)

(a bit late, but) Done, thanks! Trijnstel 09:04, 16 Agosto 2011 (UTC)

Question on local policyUsba

Hi Trijnstel, please find on my talkpage my reply on this. Regards! Jordz 05:44, 20 Hulyo 2011 (UTC)

(a bit late, but) Alright, thank you for your answer. Trijnstel 09:04, 16 Agosto 2011 (UTC)